Workshop Support for Small Businesses to Invest in Energy Efficiency

16 October 2014

Cost reduction and reputational benefits of energy efficiency are significant

South Africa's energy costs have never been so high and there's little evidence that these prices will ever come down. The cost of energy and the security of supply are significant concerns for all businesses, particularly so for small firms that already face many barriers to growth.

"Small businesses do have a growing appetite to be more energy efficient largely driven by the obvious and significant benefits to keeping the cost of doing business down, as well as ensuring the sustainability of the business for years to come. However, for more business owners to implement energy efficiency measures, they need professional guidance and support to make the process simple and clear. They also need any payback to be quick and the upfront costs to be small, if any.

"Many business owners are daunted by the task of implementing an energy efficiency strategy complete with a plan to lower their carbon footprint. Most are not sure where to start, and are also concerned about cost. The reality is though that many simple and effective measures that don't cost much in terms of money or time can make a significant difference to energy usage and costs," explains Val Geen, Head of Energy at the National Business Initiative (NBI) which is responsible for the implementation of the Private Sector Energy Efficiency programme (PSEE).

The PSEE is running a series of workshops to assist small businesses to be more energy efficient and enjoy the benefits of reducing costs while building their reputation as environmentally responsible businesses. The workshops are fully subsidised and open to all small businesses. Seats are limited and will be allocated upon booking.

The workshops will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Accounting
  • Energy Management Strategy
  • Lighting, HVAC, Water and Heating.