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Plug in: How to survive SA's energy crisis - 12 June 2015

By Joanne Yawitch, Chief Executive of the NBI

With South Africa facing a long-term energy supply shortage, the price of electricity is set to continue its upward curve into the... More

Fired Up: Massive savings potential identified - 12 June 2015

The PSEE has identified more than 2 000 possible savings interventions or opportunities in some 360 of the medium and large companies audited to date. Implementation of these opportunities would save ... More

Fired Up: PSEE work showcased at launch of Presidential and Government Energy Savings Campaign - 12 June 2015

Government recently identified energy as the single most important challenge that must be prioritised and addressed effectively to jump-start the economy.

To ... More

Fired Up: Growing support for PSEE - 12 June 2015

An increasing number of companies and organisations are joining hands with the NBI by encouraging their supply chains and members to make use of the opportunities offered by the PSEE. Joining the list of existing lead... More

Bright sparks: New PSEE publication for Chemicals sector - 12 June 2015

A number of publications can be downloaded for free from the PSEE's website to assist companies in their energy journey. The most recent of these are Energy Saving Opportunities in the Chemicals Sector, and Guide to E... More

Bright sparks: Cogeneration projects now eligible under Section 12L tax incentive - 12 June 2015

Government recently announced that the Section 12L incentive, which offers a tax deduction for taxpayers who implement energy saving measures, has been increased from 45 cents per kWH to 95 cents per ... More

In the spotlight: SMEs - 12 June 2015

Electricity challenges especially taxing for small businesses

When one considers the 76% failure rate of small businesses in South Africa, it is clear that SMEs can ill afford... More

Bright sparks: Draft regulation on mandatory energy reporting - 12 June 2015

12 June 2015 was the closing date for submissions on a government gazette on the development of an Energy Efficiency Monitoring System (EEMS), which proposes the requirement of manufacturers to submit detailed data on... More

Bright sparks: Know your number - 12 June 2015

49M’s recently launched an initiative to encourage South Africans to be drivers for social and behavioural change by knowing their home energy consumption number. You can discov... More

The PSEE can help companies manage energy supply uncertainties - 09 February 2015

By Valerie Geen, Head of Energy: National Business Initiative

Recently I received a frantic call from a large company whose board was concerned about their business continuity in the face of uncertain... More

PSEE interventions at medium-size businesses growing by the day - 09 February 2015

According to the results of a trend analysis of medium site surveys, the Private Sector Energy Efficiency (PSEE) programme is making good progress in assisting medium-size companies with energy effici... More

In the spotlight: Wine Industry - Energy efficiency gives wine industry a competitive edge - 09 February 2015

Although energy does not represent the greatest expense in the wine industry, energy efficiency still gives local wineries a competitive edge. This is due to the important role energy... More

Bright Sparks | greater energy efficiency + section 12L = TAX BREAK - 04 December 2014

A major challenge in pursuing energy efficiency improvement projects is understanding where to find finance to help reduce the cost of an energy-efficiency project and make it economically viable.&nbs... More

Hotel Verde wears energy crown at Eco-Logic Awards - 04 December 2014

Established in 2011, the Eco-Logic Awardshave quickly grown into South Africa's most 'glamorously green' eco- calendar event, receiving ex... More

Latest CDP report places SA in top two geographic samples - 04 December 2014

According to the latest South African CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) climate change report, managed by the National Business Initiative, South African companies are doing well in reporting their emissions mana... More

PSEE energy-efficiency initiatives deliver electrifying results across the board - 03 December 2014

As the cost-saving benefits of the interventions of the Private Sector Energy Efficiency (PSEE) programme become more and more evident, an increasing number of businesses are warming up to the idea of... More

Bright Sparks | big players are serious about energy-efficiency targets - 03 December 2014

NBI case study report proves big players are serious about energy-efficiency targets

The National Business Initiative (NBI) recently published its 2014 edition of energy efficiency case studies. The re... More

Energy efficiency challenges and opportunities for small businesses - 03 December 2014

Since the launch of the PSEE, it has reached close to 1000 small businesses in giving advice, creating awareness and providing training. Based on queries from small businesses received by experts at t... More