Fired Up: PSEE work showcased at launch of Presidential and Government Energy Savings Campaign

12 June 2015

Government recently identified energy as the single most important challenge that must be prioritised and addressed effectively to jump-start the economy.

To this end, the National Business Initiative (NBI), in its capacity as secretariat to the Energy Efficiency Leadership Network and manager of the Private Sector Energy Efficiency (PSEE) programme, was invited by the Presidency to partner in the launch of the Presidential and Government Energy Savings Campaign and showcase work being done in the private sector.

The launch was a call to all 700 staff within the Presidency to conserve energy and adopt energy efficiency measures as part of a national plan to respond to the current energy challenge.

Government committed itself to lead by example by setting targets to save R2 billion on energy consumption and R500 million on water consumption over the five-year period of the current administration. The private sector was urged to also engage in or continue with energy saving drives.

Many large companies have been leading by example for a number of years in terms of investments in continuous energy efficiency improvement through the NBI’s Energy Efficiency Leadership Network (EELN). A number of these initiatives are summarised in the 2014 EELN case study booklet on the PSEE website. These business leaders support the view that energy efficiency is the first step in determining other energy solutions and technologies suitable for businesses in the long term to counter the escalation in energy pricing, the anticipated introduction of carbon tax and other regulatory drivers.

We would like to urge companies of all sizes to sign up for the PSEE’s services to assist them in addressing and preparing for these challenges. Contact us now for expert energy efficiency services and high-impact, sustainable solutions.