Bright sparks: New PSEE publication for Chemicals sector

12 June 2015

A number of publications can be downloaded for free from the PSEE's website to assist companies in their energy journey. The most recent of these are Energy Saving Opportunities in the Chemicals Sector, and Guide to Energy Efficiency finance in South Africa.

Energy Saving Opportunities in the Chemicals Sector: Although relatively small by international standards, South Africa’s chemical industry is the largest in Africa, contributing about .5% of GDP and employing approximately 200 000 people and representing around .25% of all manufacturing sites. The chemicals industry is the second largest industrial user of energy in South Africa behind steel manufacturing, accounting for some 10% of total industrial energy consumption. The publication covers energy management as well as topics such as Processes and process control; Furnaces, boilers and steam distribution; Motors; Compressed air; etc., and also includes an action checklist for companies to use.

Guide to Energy Efficiency finance in South Africa
This guide provides information about financial support available for energy efficiency projects from government, the private sector, energy services companies and other partnerships as well as foreign agencies present in South Africa. These include for example tax incentives, loans, cash grants, R&D incentives, funding in the form of carbon credits or offsets, etc.